The Anghel Saligny Silos

Good general condition. The facades are not rehabilitated, there are some interventions done on them that canceled the initial architectural elements. They work as industrial installations and are poorly valued as part of the patrimony or touristic spots.
  • Historic monument category A; code LMI: CT-II-m-A-02786;
  • They were built in the 1904-1909 period. Architect: Petre Antonescu. Designer: Anghel Saligny;
  • They are located in the Constanța Harbor, at berths 17 and 18.

The Anghel Saligny silos were inaugurated by King Carol the First (the first two) in 1909 and they represent the largest and most important pieces of historic industrial patrimony in Romania. The first two silos were finished in 1909, and the third one (four were designed) was put into use in 1924, after the First World War. They are 45 meters high each, with a storage capacity of 30 tons of cereals each, being made out of bricks and metallic structures.

Each silo contains 250 compartments made out of reinforced concrete (a very rare feature at the time) and Anghel Saligny designed a revolutionary technology that allowed for simultaneous loading and unloading of cereals. The buildings have an architectonic style inspired by the industrial architecture of North America, specific to the East Coast, with neoclassical elements.

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