The Tennis Player Statue

Good general condition.
  • Historic monument B, code CT-III-m-B-02954;
  • Tomis Hotel of Mamaia, on the green area behind the hotel, towards the Promenade;
  • Sculptor: Mac Constantinescu: year: 1961; material: stone;

Mihai Filip (Mac, Marc) Constantinescu (1900-1979) was an important Romanian sculptor and decorator, with numerous decorative works of large dimensions: reliefs on the facades of some important institutions of interwar and communist Romania (The Law School of București), gables, fountains (Piața Teatrului of Târgu-Mureș, 1971, Zodiac Fountain in Carol I Park of București), the Geneze mural mosaic on the facade of the Casa de Cultură of Mangalia, between 1959-1962, together with Jules Perahim, contributions to the Triumphal Arch in București etc.

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