Bristol Hotel

Good general condition. Most of the architectonic elements were preserved. The modifications done to the facade didn’t radically change the style.
  • 1912
  • Constanța, Dragoș Vodă Street 8

Bristol Hotel is one of the most beautiful and attractive patrimony immobiles of Constanța, meant to be a hotel, built before the First World War. The immobile had 30 rooms to rent and it was classed just behind the luxury and first class hotel, located before 1914, mostly, in Ovidiu Square and it’s immediate vicinity. The architectonic style is a classical one, with distinctive frames on the large windows, which face the two lateral ones. The entrance of the building is majestic, dominated by two massive columns that are meant to support the upper floor balcony. The particularity of this building is the circular balcony, with finely crafted columns, on the upper floor, made in the Art Noveau style of British inspiration. The hotel with a round balcony is a unique architectonic creation for Constanța and for most of Romania.

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