Bust of Vasile Pârvan

Good general condition.
  • Historic monument B, code CT -III – m – B -02926;
  • Ferdinand Boulevard, at the crossing with Răscoala 1907 Street, next to the site wall of Tomis Fortress- “The Butchers’ Gate”
  • Sculptor: Ion Irimescu; bronze bust, unveiled in 1957;

The bronze bust portrays Vasile Pârvan (1882-1927), considered one of the founders of Romanian archaeology, who carried out numerous excavations in the ancient fortresses of Dobrogea (Histria, Callatis, Tropaeum). The placement of his statue in the Archaeological Park of the city has a special symbolism sincer Pârvan was the one who discovered and researched the site wall of the old fortress of Tomis, proposing a topographic plan of the ancient settlement as well. Pârvan had a special role in the organization of the National History and Archaeology Museum of Constanța in 1911.

The bust is the work of the renowned modernist Romanian sculptor, Ion Irimescu (1903-2005), author of numerous public forum monuments present in the main cities of Romania.

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