Defense Tower

It isn’t a tourist spot. It is relatively hard to identify and isn’t being used to it’s real value.
  • Historic monument category A; code LMI CT-I-m-A-02553.11;
  • The tower dates back to the 4th-6th centuries A.D, the Roman-Byzantine era
  • Next to the Gate no. 2 of the commercial port, at one of the entrances of the peninsular area of the city.

The archaeological vestiges of the city of Constanța, especially the ones in the peninsular area, are stratified, each level belonging to a different historic period, as it follows: Byzantine, Roman, Hellenistic, Ancient Greek. In it’s Roman period, the ancient city of Tomis was an important urban and harbor center, and the proof of it’s prosperity is offered by the important tracks of homes and public edifices, temples, basilicas, crypts, streets and aqueducts, pavements with mosaic and warehouses discovered by archaeologists. The site wall of the city, with gates and towers, itself had more than one construction, destruction and reconstruction stages in the 3rd-6th centuries A.D. Thus, the defense tower located right next to one of the entrances to the peninsular area dates back to the 4th-6th centuries, the Roman-Byzantine era.

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