House with a shop, Hârșova

Deplorable general condition. Few original elements were maintained, modifications having been brought to the immobile, using substandard building materials. The immobile isn’t being used to it’s true value and doesn’t represent a touristic spot.
  • Historic monument category B; Code LMI CT-II-m-B-02891
  • 1923, Unknown architect 
  • Hârșova, Vadului street no. 4

The house with a shop is located on the main commercial artery of Hârșova, the one leading towards the port. The building is composed of two symmetrical sides, one being a shop, the other being a private space, separated by a monumental, vaulted entrance, above which a cartridge with the decorative elements, the year of construction (1923) and the owner’s initials (FG) are embedded.

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