Ion Bârzănescu House

Good general condition, all the architectural elements have been preserved, there no interventions nor rehabilitations to damage the initial configuration.
  • Historic monument category B; code LMI: CT-II-m-B-02803;
  • It was built in the 1900-1904 period;
  • It is located in the old town of Constanța, on Elisabeta Boulevard no. 5.

Ion Bârzănescu house is part of the ensemble of the most beautiful buildings of Constanța, located on Elisabeta Boulevard. Ion Bârzănescu, the inspector of the Constanța Harbor in the beginning of the 20th century, built the immobile, but he lived here for a very short while, the house being rented out to one of the overseers of the workers in the Constanța Harbor, who were all under the command of Anghel Saligny, the engineer Zahariade. The building is thought out in an eclectic style, with Art Nouveau architectural elements, neoclassical ones, but also from the central european secession.

The entrance is elegant for reasons related to the rosette shaped decoration and the apparent red brick elements located above the entrance stairs. A frieze with circles can be found on the left side of the house, and the red brick elements can also be found under the cornice, together with the metallic balcony that goes along the entire length of the building, sustained by four massive columns. Although one of the more modest in size parts of the ensemble on Elisabeta Boulevard, Ion Bârzănescu is one of the best done Art Nouveau buildings of the city.

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