Casino Constanta

Currently being rehabilitated
  • Historic monument category A; code LMI: CT -II- m – A -02801;
  • Inaugurated in 1910;
  • Elisabeta Boulevard no. 4;

The Casino of Constanța was built by the plans of french architect Daniel Renard, being a representative symbol for the Art Nouveau architectonic style.

The facade’s terrace is displayed in the center, sustained by a wide portico, dominated by  fan shaped stained glass. The upper side of the building is remarkable, decorated with architectural elements in the shape of ancients boats, with ram heads and sea algae wreaths.

The building was inaugurated in the autumn of 1910 and it represented, over time, a symbol for Constanța.

According to the site of the Municipal Office for Culture of Constanța, the Casino has been restored in the years 1951 and 1981. It entered capital restorations, being in a very advanced state of degradation, in April of 2020 and the works are expected to end in 2023.

A letter signed by 16 political prisoners from the communist era was found in the walls of the Casino on the 9th of May 2020, during the rehabilitation works. The piece of paper broken off a cement bag is dated 31st of December 1951, when the prisoners were restoring the historic monument on the city’s cliff.

On the letter it was written: “This Casino is worked on by the political prisoners from the year 1951 month 31 December, led by the architect Joja Constantin. The team of plasterers (those who worked on the architectonic elements for the body, for the inside of buildings, made out of stucco or out of simple plaster mortar led by Rusu A Ioan, Botoș Dumitru jud Arad, Jercău Constantin, Ciscău Gheorghe, Coraș Ionel, Voicilă Nicolaie, Sava Nicolae, Pop Ioan, Vlădescu Ilie, Hosu Petre, Hosu Ghegor, Anastasiu Ştefan, Gorbovan Gh., Bamer Fidel și Morton Iuliu.

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