Military Circle of Constanța (previously the Prefecture)

The immobile is under general rehabilitation since 2017. It will be renovated with all the outside and inside details, according to the documents and images of the era.
  • Historic monument category A, code LMI CT-II-m-A-02856
  • Built in 1903-1904. Architects: Louis Blanc, then Daniel Renard 
  • Constanța, Traian Street no. 29.

The immobile of the Military Circle was the building of the Prefecture of the county of Constanța starting with the first years of the 20th century. It was part of the an ensemble of three emblematic buildings, in the same public space, which included the Royal Palace and the Court, all of them located in a square linked to the train station and in the middle of which there was, for a short period, the Monument of Dobrogea (destroyed by the Bulgarian occupation armies in 1916).

The building includes a basement, a tall ground floor, an upper floor and an attic, in an eclectic style, with exterior decorations in the Neoroamanian style. The main entrance, arched, has an access of honor and fan shaped stairs. Above the entrance is a brick balcony, with Neoromanian motifs, which faces the public square.

The interior areas were spaced out depending on administrative needs, there also being a reception hall, together with formality and reception rooms. In 1915-1918, during the German-Bulgarian occupation of Constanța, in the building of the Prefecture was installed the German Military Command Center, led by marshal von Mackensen.

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