Monument of the Heroes of the First World War, Techirghiol

Very good general condition, it is one of the tourist landmarks of the city of Techirghiol. It is being used to it’s true value, being located in a tourist area, central for the resort city.
  • Historic monument B category, code LMI CT-IV-m-B-02962
  • Techirghiol, the front of Techirghiol lake
  • 1928-1931. Sculptor: Dumitru Mățăoanu

The monument is made out of bronze and the pedestal out of stone. It was finished in 1929, as it is written on the pedestal’s sides, and raised in the General Dragalina Square in 1931. It is a gesture of gratitude for those who sacrificed themselves in the battles for the defense of Dobrogea, in October of 1916.

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