The Saint Emperors Constantin and Elena Church, Cernavodă

Bad general condition, in need of renovations.
  • Historic architecture monument category A; code LMI CT-II-m-A-02873
  • Built between 1882 and 1895. Unknown architect. Founded by Take Ionescu, minister of Cults, and mayor Athanasie Rădulescu
  • Mircea cel Bătrân Street, no. 3, Cernavodă

Saint Emperors Constantin and Elena Church was built in the 1882-1895 period, at the initiative of vicar Dimitrie Chirescu, father of composer Ioan D. Chirescu, and with the financial support of the minister of Cults, Take Ionescu, and with the administrative support of mayor Athanasie Rădulescu.

The architectural style of the church is a Byzantine one, the shape is that of a cross with a large brick and stone dome in the middle. The initial mural painting, same as some of the images, was made by Nicolae Vermont. After it was devastated during the First World War, when the bulgarian occupiers transformed the church into a warehouse and stable (1916-1918), it was remade and blessed once again in 1936. In 1952 the painting was also finished, under the coordination of I. Taflan. 

A general rehabilitation was finished in 2001, when the painting was also redone, currently pretty deteriorated on the outside.

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