Paleochristian Crypt

Very bad general condition, in an advanced stage of degradation, not accessible to the public, it is not included in the tourist circuit.
  • Historic monument A; code LMI CT-I-m-A-02555.05
  • Dates back to the 5th-6th centuries A.D, the roman-byzantine era
  • It’s located on Traian Street, nr, 19, in the yard of Mihai Eminescu National College

In 1962, during some extension works on the buildings of Mihai Eminescu National College of Constanța, the crypt of a paleochristian basilica dating back to the 5th-6th centuries A.D, the roman-byzantine era, was discovered. Currently a fragment of the southern wall of the basilica, parts of the nave’s pavement and the access ladder with 9 steps that goes down to the crypt level about 2.5 m down, somewhere in the area fitting the altar, are still visible.Some archaeologists are of the opinion that this that this could have been the first basilica in Scythia Minor, probably even the cathedral of Tomis, built right in the second half of the 4th century A.D. The crypt, with the dimensions of 6,15×3, 75×2,56 m, has a vaulted roof, and on the eastern side 3 vaulted graves remain, under the form of niches or “loculs”. In spite of the water leaks that flooded the crypt, on the western side fragments of plaster painted with plant elements on the upper side and rectangular borders of different sizes are still preserved.

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