Laskaridis House

Very good general condition, it was recently rehabilitated. Part of the architectonic decorations were lost over time.
  • 1905. Architect: N.G. Parlos
  • Constanța. Nicolae Titulescu Street no. 24

The building was designed by N.G. Parlos (who also gave to Constanța the National Hotel, on Traian Street, on the side of House Hrisicos, nowadays almost totally demolished) is meant for a family in the high bourgeois class of Constanța in the first years of the 20th century. The architecture respects the classical motifs, reprezentative for buildings from Greece, with sober, geometrical facades, devoid of decorative elements. The immobile is the typical home of a wealthy family of the city, from the Greek community, and the value is enhanced by the elements that were not preserved in other cases: in this case, the yard, surrounded by stone and hardware. The house has an opening towards the street and an entire side towards the sea, overseeing the port.

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