Resting Archer Statue

Good general condition.
  • Historic monument B, code CT-III-m-B-02921;
  • Sculptor: Ion Jalea; made in the year 1961 using a layout made in 1926; material used: stone;
  • In front of the Ion Jalea Museum, on Elisabeta Boulevard no, 1, at the corner with Arhiepiscopiei Street, a 3 minute walk away from the Casino and 10 minutes away from the old town of Constanța.

The stone Resting Archer Statue belongs to Ion Jalea (1867-1983) one of the most important sculptors of interwar and communist Romania. Jalea went to middle school in Consatanța, a city to which he donated an important number of works which today represent the base collection of the museum bearing his name. An impressive number of statues dedicated to the main personalities of Romanian history made by Jalea can be found today in the parks of the big cities of the country.

A particular trait of the artist is the fact that he lost his left arm in 1917 on the Mărășești front, during the First World War, meaning that all his works were made with only one hand.

In 2009, a bronze replica of this statue was donated by the Romanian state to the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxemburg.

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