Statue of Anghel Saligny

Good general condition.
  • Historic Monument A, code CT-III-m-A-02924;
  • Built in 1957, made out of bronze. Sculptor: Oscar Han.
  • Located on Elisabeta Boulevard, at the corner with Ovidiu Street, above Gate no. 1 of the Constanța Harbor.

The bronze statue, 3 meters tall, portrays Anghel Saligny (1854-1925), a remarkable engineer who contributed to the modernisation of railway, river and road infrastructure of Romania in an essential manner. He is the one who designed and built large scale works such as the river over the Danube at Cernavodă (1890-1895) and the Constanța Harbor (1899-1910). The statue was symbolically placed on an elevated spot, in the area of the old harbor, close to some of his buildings that still stand to this day, such as the cereal silos.

The sculptor Oscar Han (1891-1976), controversial artist, was one of the most important interwar sculptors, with his pieces exhibited in the most important museums and public parks of Romania. In Constanța, two other important works signed by Oscar Han can be found: the bust of Queen Maria of Romania ( 1932), next to the Art Museum of Constanța, on Tomis Boulevard no. 82-84 and the bust of Mihai Eminescu (1934), on the Casino Cliff, in the Genovese Lighthouse area.

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