Sfinții Voievozi Church, Vulturu

Precarious general conditions, hasn’t been rehabilitated and the interventions done on the building are unfortunate (among them, the termopan doors and windows).
  • Historic monument category B, code LMI CT-II-m-B-02919
  • 1888
  • Vulturu, Preot Anton Popescu Street no. 8

Kartal commune (since 1933, Vulturu) is documented since 1854, and after 1878v a part of the residents with Romanian origins came from Transilvania. The church is built with a stone foundation and brick walls, in the shape of a cross. It is covered with two sides of galvanized chalkboard and a side of black chalkboard. The existing painting dates back to the beginning period but the artist’s name was lost. On the ground, the floor is made out of fir boards. It was subsequently repaired in 1937, 1955 and 1956 but with low funding and without a general rehabilitation. In 2008 it became a historic monument.

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