The Heroes’ Monument in Vulturu

Precarious general condition. It requires rehabilitation.
  • Historic monument category B, code LMI CT-IV-m-B-02968
  • 1929. Sculptor: Babadag Enachi, at the initiative of mayor Anton Popescu and of priest Ghiță Pârvu
  • Vulturu, Eroilor Street

It is a monument dedicated to the heroes of Vulturu who died in the battles for the defense of Dobrogea, in the Autumn of 1916, and in the First World War (1916-1918). The work is made out of stone, the socle having the dimensions of 2×0,6×0,6 meters, and the obelisc, portraying a stone vulture on it’s peak, with the dimensions of 1,8×0,5×0,5 meters.

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