The Jules Movilă Hotel

Good general condition. It has been mostly rehabilitated, but the restoration isn’t yet finished. The immobile hasn’t been functional for many years now. It isn’t a tourist spot, nor being used according to it’s value.
  • It isn’t a historic monument. The first tourist hotel built on the Romanian seaside (excluding Constanța).
  • Built between 1899 and 1902. Architect Ivanovici, engineer Zissu.
  • In the park in Eforie Sud.

It is the first tourist hotel on the Romanian Black Sea shore ( excluding Constanța) after, on the 20th of September 1899 Ioan Movilă (1847-1904) founded the Techirghiol-Movilă resort (1929-1948: Carmen Sylva, 1948-1962: Vasile Roaltă since 1962- Eforie Sud).

It was inaugrated on the 15th of July 1902 and it operated during the first summary season until the 15th of August 1902. It is part of an architectural complex thought out by Arta Cerkez which includes the park, the Casino and the statue of the founder, Ioan Movilă. 

The construction was built in a classical style, with a main body reassured by two secondary, symmetrical bodies, and it includes a ground floor, an upper floor and an attic. The facades have classical decorative elements, with striations and frames on the windows, balconies with hardware and applied statues. It represented, together with Popovici Hotel, a standard of Summer tourism of Romania until the First World War and the first interwar decade.

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