Belona Hotel

Good general condition, it operates as a hotel unit. The general renovation at the start of the 2000’s eliminated a big part of the distinctive, unique elements, of the immobile, the stone emplacement, in the shape of a ship deck, made out of massive Dobrogea stone, being mostly eliminated. The decorative elements, such as the woodwork and the hardware, were replaced with usual, cheap materials with no link to the architectural idea. Although unique in the Romanian space, the packet boat architectural concept of Hotel Belona was, practically, removed.
  • Historic monument category A; code LMI CT-II-m-A-02880
  • Built between 1932-1934, in the Art Deco style. Architect: George Matei Cantacuzino (1899-1960)
  • Tudor Vladimirescu Street, no. 12, Eforie Nord

The Belona Hotel is a unique architectural concept, built in the shape of a packet boat, facing the sea, right on the beach. It is one of the most spectacular hotel constructions on the seaside, dating back to the interwar period, work of architect G.M. Cantacuzino who, at the same time, also made Rex Hotel from Mamaia.

G.M. Cantacuzino, one of the peaks of Romanian architecture, also built the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest, the Bibescu villas, Blank and Elena Lupescu from Eforie Nord, restored Mogoșoaia Palace and the Three Hierarchs Church in Iași.

Belona Hotel has 4 floors, with 67 rooms, a serving area on the ground floor and a sea facing terrace. The side facing the beach is completely arched, imitating the board of a packet boat. At the building’s base can be found a massive and tall stone pedestal, on which the building itself used to be placed. Belona Hotel was a part of the luxury tourism circuit on the Black Sea in the second half of the 1930’s, being introduced in romanian architecture, in works such as the novel “Palatul lui Procust” (The Bed of Procrustes) written by Camil Petrescu.

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