The Monument of the First World War Heroes, Siliștea

Very good general condition. It is well maintained and taken care of. It is used to it’s real value, being a major tourist spot of the settlement.
  • Historic monument category B; code LMI CT-IV-m-B-02960
  • Built in 1924
  • In the center of the village

The monument was built through public subscription in 1924, in the memory of the residents who were enlisted and died in the Autumn fighting of 1916 for the defense of Dobrogea. The monument’s pedestal is made out of marble and on one of the pedestal’s sides are engraved the names of the heroes of Siliștea (Tașpunar at the time). Decorations consisting of weapons, bay leaves and a military helmet are placed on the pedestal, and above them, a vulture made out of bronze was placed.

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