The Monument of the Heroes of the First World War, Adamclisi

Faulty general condition, it’s not part of the tourist properties of the settlement.
  • Built in 1921, unknown artist, at the initiative of the Traian Cultural Society. Totally renovated in 1941 by mayor Nicolae Georgescu, using his own funds.
  • Adamclisi, Constanța county

It is one of the oldest stone monuments dedicated to the Heroes of the First World War, built in Dobrogea and Romania. It was inaugurated on the 30th of June 1921, with the plans and finances of the Traian Cultural Society.

At the monument’s base a coffin with the remains of all the unidentified Romanian soldiers around the settlement’s radius was buried. Adamclisi was, in the Autumn of the year 1916, on the frontline of Dobrogea, of the resistance of the Romanian troops facing the advance of the German and Bulgarian armies.

Because it wasn’t well maintained, in 1941 mayor Nicolae Georgescu commissioned the restoration of the entire ensemble.

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