“Înălțarea Domnului” Church, Satu Nou

Bad general condition. It requires general rehabilitation, with the materials used to build it. It isn’t used to it’s real value, it’s not included in the tourist circuits and is very little known. It is very hard to reach because of the lack of information and it can only be spotted with the guidance of the locals.
  • Historic monument category A; code LMI CT-II-m-A-02915
  • Built in 1863. The founders are Matei Nicolaievici, together with his wife, Ecaterina, and the sons Dumitru, Nicolae and Teodor, from Silistra
  • On a cliff in Satu Nou, Oltina commune

It is one of the oldest Orthodox churches in Dobrogea, built with local materials (wood and adobe), and according to the rules of the Ottoman Empire (no dome and no belltower).

The church is rectangular in shape. The walls are built with adobe and rods, and interior and exterior plaster, excepting the South side, which is covered in timber. The building can be entered from the West side. The narthex is separated from the nave by a wall made out of wooden laths, as used to be the custom for Ottoman mosques. 

The outside pillars and the inside columns are made out of wood. The roof is covered in burnt clay tiles. Next to the church is the belltower, which shelters the bell and the semantron, on which the year 1868 is inscribed.

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