The On the Waves Statue

Good general condition.
  • Historic monument B, code CT-III-m-B-02942;
  • In the inside yard of IAKI Hotel of Mamaia;
  • Sculptor: Constantin Baraschi: year: 1963, material: bronze;

The On the Waves Statue, made out of bronze, portrays a female nude and it was one of the numerous public forum monuments commissioned by the communist regime in the 60’s for the architectural improvement of the seafront resort. It is one of the best preserved such bronze statues in Mamaia, placed in the middle of a water basin that further enhances it’s artistic concept. There is a similar sculptural ensemble, framed by a fountain and six fishes also made of bronze, “The Girl on The Waves” also done by Constantin Baraschi, in 1966, in Galați. Baraschi (1902-1966) was one of the most important Romanian sculptors.

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