The Girl at Sea Statue

Bad general condition.
  • Historic monument B, code CT-III-m-B-02944;
  • Located in a green area next to the Central Hotel of Mamaia;
  • Sculptor: Cornel Medrea; year: 1961; material: chalk.

Cornel Maedrea (1888-1964) was one of the most important Romanian sculptors. He is the author of numerous monumental works of art, present in the cities and museums of Romania. In Cosntanța, some of his works can be found, such as the Child with a Frog Statue, placed at the entrance of the Art Museum of the city or the Fishermen Statuary, also made out of stone, on the Casino Seafront. In Mamaia, Medrea is present with the Under the Sun Statue as well, sculpted in travertine, sheltered by the covered terrace of the restaurant of Dacia Sud Hotel.

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