The Saint Gheorghe Church of Mangalia

Very good general condition. It was completely rehabilitated, with European funds, in 2021. It doesn’t represent a tourist spot and isn’t being used to it’s full value.
  • Religious and architectural historic monument category B; code LMI CT-II-m-B-02900
  • Built between 1915 and 1929, entrepreneur and architect Avram Marcu.
  • Mihai Viteazu Street, no. 7, Mangalia

The church was founded by King Carol I who, on a visit to Mangalia on the 28th of May 1914, donated 25.000 lei for the beginning of the construction works. The stepping stone was placed down in September of 1915 by Bishop Nifron Niculescu of The Lower Danube and the church was blessed on the 1st of June 1929, in presence of the Queen Mother Elena (mother of King Mihai 1, 1927-1930, and 1940-1947) and of Nicolae Iorga (1871-1940) at the time rector of the București University.

On the 16th of August 1916 the church was bombarded by ships located on the offshore of the Mangalia Harbor, being the first building in the city to be struck by artillery fire. During the bombardment, inside the church, Dimitrie Marcu, the entrepreneur and nephew of the one who carried out the works was killed.

The building remained in disarray until 1925. The paint job dates back to 1964-1968 and is the work of Gheorghe Răducanu. Rehabilitated using European funds, it is a tourist landmark of Managalia today. The building has a three side shape, with two towers at the entrance and a belltower, having rich mural paintings on the outside.The inscription at the entrance mentions the founders and the moments when the construction works were started and finished.

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