Theodorou Rousou House

General condition of degradation and destruction. It began rehabilitation.
  • Historic monument category B; code LMI CT-II-m-B-02836
  • Built in 1897. Architect: Pelopidas Couppa
  • Constanța, C. A. Rosetti Street 6

Immobile built by Greek trader Theodorou Roussou for his two daughters, in 1897, it is made in a neoclassical style, with clear greek influences, on 4 levels: tall basement and attic and two levels, with 20 rooms between all of them. A marble cartridge, with the name of the owner and the construction year, written in Greek, is mounted on the facade.

The massive wooden doors kept the owner’s monogram, TR. The two windows on the ground floors each have a gable with caryatid supported acroteries on the upper side. The strongly defined cornice is supported on consoles with volutes and a narrow frieze with acanthus leaves. In the basement there is a system of chamotte brick dwellings, used for the centralized distribution of heat to every room.

The plaster system was reinforced with reeds, a particularly tough and laboriously crafted material. Dirt mixed with ash was forged between the floors. The metal railing was manually made, forged at half warm temperatures with a hammer. The stairway wood was crafted with steam, and so one piece was enough to cover 3 meters of stairs.

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