Abdul Hagi Zaid Inn

Bad general condition. The building is abandoned, albeit not destroyed. It is in need of general rehabilitation.
  • 1885-1890
  • Constanța, Ecaterina Varga Street no. 3

The inn of Abdul Hagi Zaid is a typically Balkanic building (with Ottoman influences) meant to receive guests. It was built on a single level, with rooms, out of stone, with an interior yard where the horses and harnesses were sheltered and where, when the weather was nice, one could sit down to eat. It was the only Ottoman type building with a touristic purpose in Romania. Abdul Hagi Zaid was, after the Unification of Dobrogea and Romania, one of the richest and most important personalities of Constanța. He owned houses with upper floors and shops on the ground floor in the Lupoaica area of today and a residential house on Negru Vodă Street (which is still standing). In his capacity as communal councilor of Constanța he approved, on the 8th of November 1894, the location of the Principe Ferdinand and Princess Maria Urban Mixed School, currently an annex office of the Art Museum, the first school built in Constanța after the Unification of Dobrogea and Romania.

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