Demostene Tranulis House

Very bad general condition. The interior completely disappeared, it doesn’t have the roof nor the superior level (upper floor and attic). Parts of the walls are provisional, made out of BCA, replacing the original construction. It isn’t used to it’s value in spite of being a memorial house.
  • Built in 1914
  • Constanța, Olteniei Street no. 27

The immobile inhabited by Demostene Tranulis was a spacious, imposing house, with very much good taste, built in the Art Nouveau architectonic style. The semicircular detail, distinctive decoration, is preserved above the entrance, and the decoration of one of the windows, with rich wreath above and framing on the two sides. The entrance hasn’t been preserved, the room walls, the monumental inside stairway, the hardware (excepting the balcony) and nothing of the decorations of the facade of the interior. 

Demostene Tranulis, an important Greek cereal trader, entirely financed the construction of the hall of the current State Theater of Constanța (previously the Fantasio Theater), on Ferdinand Boulevard, in 1927, and he contributed to the constructions of the buildings of Mircea cel Bătrân High School (currently a national college) and the Saints Archangels Mihail and Gavril Church (Military Chapel). Demostene Tranulis projected the first film in Constanța, in 1900, and is the author of the first documentary movie made about Constanța, in the Summer of 1925. He passed away on the 24th of July 1946 and in his memory, on the facade of the State Theater was placed a reverential plate and, inside, a bust.

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