Bust of Grigore Antipa

Good general condition.
  • Historic monument category B, code CT-III-m-B-02927;
  • Located next to the Grigore Antipa National Research-Marine Development Institute, on Mamaia Boulevard no. 300;
  • Sculptor: Milița Petrașcu; year: 1958; material: bronze;

Grigore Antipa (1867-1944) was a Romanian scientist with research in the fields of natural sciences such as biology, zoology, ecology, oceanography, etc. His name is tied to the reorganization of the National Natural History Museum of București, which bears his name today. In Constanța, Antipa established in 1932 the Biooceanographic Institute, iț’s mission and legacy being inherited by the present day Research-Marine Development National Institute of Constanța, which currently bears the name of it’s founder.

The bust of Antipa is the work of sculptor Milița (Militza, Melania Nicolaevici) Petrașcu (Ojoga) (1888-1976), born in Chișinău, with drawing and sculpting studies done in Moscow, Petersburg and Paris. She was a student of Brâncuși and considered herself his disciple.

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