Bust of Ion Bănescu

Good general condition.
  • Historic monument category A, code CT -III- m – A -02932;
  • Located in the Primăriei Park, on Tomis Boulevard no. 51;
  • Sculptor: Dumitru Paciurcea; year: 1910; material: bronze.

Ion Bănescu (1850-1909) was mayor of the city of Constanța between 1905 and 1907, whose term is associated with large scale development and modernization measures such as the improvement of the Seafront area and the principal circulation arteries, the introduction of public street lights, getting a supply of drinkable water from the Danube, etc.

The bust was made just several months after his death, on the proposal of Take Ionescu, an important coservative politician, the funds coming from a public fundraising campaign.

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