Callatis Archaeology Museum

Very good general condition. It is the main tourist spot of the city.
  • Built int 1994
  • Constanței Road, no. 20

The current building of the Archaeology Museum was inaugurated in 1994 and it includes 450 square meters of exhibition areas on the inside and 1600 square meters outdoors.

The entrance of the building is done in the style of ancient Greek constructions, bas-reliefs portraying scenes from the daily life of the ancient city of Callatis being applied to the facades and decorative elements from the Greek ships being discovered between the settlement’s walls.

The Archaeology Museum of Mangalia was inaugurated in 1959 and it operated, until 1990, as a regional wing of the National History and Archaeology Museum of Constanța. The most important artifact of the museum is the tomb with papyrus, the only one in Romania, discovered in 1959 and dating back to the 4th century B.C.

Among other exceptionally valuable exhibits, Tanagra type statuettes can be found, as well as glass and ceramic pots, funeral stars, crowns, finery, jewelry, coins. Outdoors, the museum has an important collection of funeral stars, columns, inscriptions, stones taken from the homes and walls of the city, pots of great dimensions.

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