Constantinidi Villa

Bad general condition. It was intensely used, the facade was modified through subsequent interventions and hasn’t been rehabilitated.
  • Historic monument category B; code LMI CT-II-m-B-02816
  • Built in 1905
  • Constanța, Mihail Kogălniceanu Street 22

Constantinidi Villa is part of the urbanistic and historic legacy of the greek community of Constanța, Constantinidi family being one of the most representative, with many traders, doctors, soldiers, engineers. The building is one representative of the Art Nouveau style, being one of the most elaborated private living immobiles belonging to this trend on the territory of Constanța. Representative of the Constantinidi villa is the central part, with the main integration and the huge geometric shape at the entrance. The entire gable but especially this central part is a faithful copy, in the same dimensions, of the building of the subway station on the Academy Street of Vienna, designed by Otto Wagner in 1899, and which at the time had a well deserved reputation in Europe. All the architectural details are in the Art Nouveau style, the warhead windows, the dome above the entrance, the hardware and woodwork elements.

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