Dervent Monastery

Very good general condition. One of the most renowned pilgrimage locations in Dobrogea, hosting scientific, cultural and theological reunions.
  • Historic monument category B, code LMI CT-II-m-B-02882
  • 1936-1942. It was blessed on the 13th of September 1942. Architect: N. Săndulescu
  • Galița, Ostrov commune

The Înălțarea Sfintei Cruci Church of Dervent Monastery was built on the place where in 1923 bishop Ilarie Teodorescu of Tomis built a place of worship, on a land donated by Olimpia Andreevici (from Coslugea) and Paraschiva Gheorghiu (from Ostrov). The church burned down in 1934.

The place of the founding is close to the ruins of the Byzantine fortress Păcuiul lui Soare (the 10th century) and is one in which, according to legend, the crosses of four Christian martyrs are located. The church was closed down in 1959 and reopened in 1970, as the church of Galița village.

The other buildings of the monastery were used, until 1990, by the Ostrov State Agriculture Enterprise. On the 2nd of February 1990 the monastery was reopened.

Inside the monastery’s yard is the old graveyard, the resting place of archaeologist and teacher Petre Diaconu (Silistra, 1924 – București, 2007), researched and teacher of the Ovidius University of Constanța, the one who discovered and for organized for several decades the Păcului lui Soare fortress.

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