Frangopol House

Exceptional general condition. It benefited from one of the most successful rehabilitations, which scrupulously respected the architectonic elements. It is located in the historic center of the city.
  • 1922
  • Constanța, Nicolae Titulescu Street no. 21

The house of Cristu (Hristu) Frangopol is an imposing immobile, very modern and spacious house for the time it was built (1922). The architectonic style is Neoromanian, with all the specific elements, enjoying a majestic entrance, which leads towards the large areas of the ground floor. The building is built on two floors and an attic, with formidably embroidered stone balconies and with restored hardware. It is one of the best done Neoromanian immobiles in Constanța and the recent restoration enhances the value of the decorative elements.

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