Grand Hotel

Good general condition. During subsequent rehabilitations, the building lost most of it’s distinctive architectural elements.
  • 1920. Architect: Edgar de Goue
  • Constanța, Tomis Boulevard 57

Grand Hotel started construction in 1912, when the owner Stavru Dumitriu built the land, at the time on the edge of the city of Constanța, for nearly 100 thousand lei. The immobile was finished and opened during the Summer season of 1929 and it was the first hotel in Romania with electricity and central heating. It had 36 rooms on the two upper floors and a restaurant on the ground floor, a reading room and commercial areas in the semi-basement. During the second half of the 30’s Grand hosted on it’s ground floor the Dobrogea representation of the American company Ford. Also, the owner’s son. Dumitru Dumitriu, was honorary viceconsule of Czechoslovakia in Constanța in the 30’s and had his diplomatic office in the hotel’s building. Grand Hotel is built in the architectonic style Art Nouveau, with balconies on it’s rounded out corners, windows with distinctive decorations (gone today) and rosettes surrounded in wreaths (also gone) on the facades’ sides.

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