Goue House

Bad general condition, the immobile is abandoned and degraded, some of the distinctive elements being extremely degraded or gone entirely.
  • Residential building
  • 1923. Architect: Edgar de Goue
  • Constanța, Nicolae Titulescu Street no. 19

The residential house, designed by French architect Edgar de Goue, who signed other immobiles in Constanța, is built with a ground floor and an upper floor. It belonged to a bourgeois family of Constanța, immediately after the First World War, built in an expensive area of the city, in a neighborhood inhabited by the Jewish, Greek and Armenian communities. 

The building’s architecture has Neoclassical elements, but also Art Nouveau ones. We can assume that it belonged to a Jewish family since the owner didn’t ask for any distinctive architectonic elements. What is particular to this building is the crafted waist on the house’s facade, going along the entire length of the building, that portrays the symbol of the hooked cross that’s been multiplied dozens of times. This architectonic element is unique in Constanța.

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