The Great Saint Martyr Dumitru Church, Izvoarele, Lipnița

Excellent general condition. It was impeccably and professionally restored by the architect Vlad Calboreanu in 2001. The tourist spot doesn’t appear on any route, it isn’t being used to it’s real value, neither religiously, nor touristically.
  • Historic monument category A; code LMI CT-II-m-A-02893
  • Built in the middle of the 19th century, certainly before 1860-1870 
  • Izvoarele Village (Pojorâta), Lipnița commune, Constanța county

A unique space in Dobrogea and Romania, thanks to it’s architectonic style, but also the materials used. Being a church on the territory of the Ottoman Empire, it lacks a tower and is one of the “buried” ones, which means with the altar’s floor level below the stepping level and it has no foundation. 

The height is reduced, only 3.5 meters tall, with an 18 meter length and a 7.5 meter width. The floor is made out of clay, which in time accumulated on several layers. The walls are made out of weaved rods between which dirt was introduced. The building is sustained by beams laid between the oak wood pillars buried 1 meter deep in the ground. The pillars themselves are sustained by wooden buttresses. 

The roof is covered in traditional Dobrogea style tiles. The images and worship items date back to the 19th century.

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