Monument of the Heroes of the First World War, Hârșova

Very good general condition, used to it’s true value through it’s placement and maintained by the local administration.
  • Historic monument category B, code LMI CT-IV-m-B-02958
  • Built in 1924, sculptor Ion Schmitt-Faur
  • The crossing of Vadului Street with Concordiei Street, Hârșova

It is one of the most representative monuments dedicated to the heroes of the First World War on the territory of Dobrogea. The sculptor, Ion Schmitt-Faur, his real name Johann Schmitt, was a German man from the Czech Republic (born in 1883, deceased in 1934), he became a teacher at the Arts and Crafts School in București.

He made, among others, the Statue of Mihai Eminescu in Iași, the bust of Gheorghe Șincai in București and the statue of Alexandru Papiu Ilarian in Tg. Mureș. The monument’s pedestal is in shaped like the body of a pyramid, made out of Dobrogea stone, and on the front side can be found a bronze plate with the inscription: “To the hârsovan heroes who died for the Country in the War for the Completeness of the Nation 1916-1919 Hârșova commune and it’s citizens- Gratitude”

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