National Museum of the Romanian Navy

Impeccable general condition. Recent rehabilitations managed to expose the value of all the architectural elements, making the building one of the cultural and patrimony landmarks of Constanța.
  • Historic monument category A; code LMI: CT-II-m-A-02859;
  • It was built in 1908-1909. Architect: Ion Socolescu. Entrepreneur: A. Frank;
  • It is located in the center of Constanțs, on Traian Street, no. 53.

On the spot it operated, since before 1878, during the ottoman administration, the Quarantine Hospital of the Constanța Harbor (then, the Military Hospital) began the construction work of the Navy School, built in 1908-1909. After 1920, the title becomes “The Naval School”. The architectonic style is neoromanian, with a ground floor and an upper floor, the entrance is monumental, with archways and columns and, symmetrically, above can be seen a massive balcony, made out of stone, sculpted in neoromanian style, with columns and arches. The Immobile was requisitioned by the Red Army after the Second World War, and used as a barracks, and from 1954 until 1969 it had different administrative uses, among which being the Command Center of the Military Navy and the headquarters of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth Union. Since 1969 it has housed the National Museum of the Romanian Navy.

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