Zafirios Kyryakou House

Precarious in general state, the immobile has not been rehabilitated, the works over time canceled part of the architectural elements.
  • Historic monument category B; code LMI: CT-II-m-B-02860;
  • It was built in 1894. The year of construction is embedded in marble, on the building’s gable, together with the owner’s name, in greek;
  • It is located in the old town of Constanța, on Ecaterina Varga Street, no. 21.

The private residence of an owner from the greek community of Constanța, Zafiros Kyryakouu, wealthy entrepreneur (he owned another house, on Decebal Street, nr. 70, where the year of construction and the owner’s name are also embedded). The architectural style is classical, very similar to the family homes from Greece at the end of the 19th century. The immobile includes a ground floor and upper floor, has two symmetrical sides, united by a body where the entrance is found and, above, a room with a hardware balcony facing the street. The year of construction and the owner’s name are embedded in marble on the gable, which enhances the appeal of the building. It’s a building specific to the wealthy families of the greek community in Constanța and it reflects the urban typology of the city in the first decades after the Unification of Dobrogea and Romania.

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