Papadopol House

Good general condition
  • Historic monument category B; code LMI CT-II-m-B-02839
  • Built in 1890. Unknown architect
  • Sulmona Street, no. 10

Residence. One of the most representative private living immobiles, in the neoromanian style, on the territory of Romania. It was commissioned by an important family of Greek entrepreneurs from Constanța, Papadopol.

The building is made out of a tall ground floor, an upper floor and an attic, with extensive decorations in the established style of neoromanian architecture, with a waist sculpted in floral shapes encircling the walls and with another, similar one, that covers the attic. The cornices that sustain the roof are quite visible and the ground floor above the entrance is made out of bricks, sustaining a massive, decorated window.

Since there are other architectonic contributions made by Grigore Cerchez on the same street, it isn’t out of the question that this immobile could also be a creation of the founder of the neoromanian style.

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