Residential building with public spaces on the ground floor

Very good general condition. Recent rehabilitation that maintained the architectural and decorative elements. The facade doesn’t have any traces of modifications.
  • Historic monument category B; cod LMI; CT-II-m-B-02830;
  • It was built during the last years of the 19th century;
  • It’s located right at the entrance of the old town of Constanța, in Ovidius Square, no. 6.

The immobile is the oldest still standing building in Ovidius Square and it used to open up the gable of restaurants and hotels that was close to old Mercur hotel (1913), today a branch of the National Bank of Romania. The building is composed of two perfectly symmetrical bodies, united, each with a public space on the ground floor (coffee shop) and an upper floor (with an attic) with three windows each. facing the square with a hardware balcony, separated and framed by columns beautifully crafted into the brickwork, with ornamental crowns. The architecture is neoclassic, with eclectic elements given to it by the outside red brick masonry, specific to the cities of Northern Europe and Great Britain. It was most likely meant for tourism and leisure time, just like most buildings in the Ovidius Square, a hotel and coffee shop on the ground floor.

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