Residential Building

Bad general condition. Hasn’t been rehabilitated, not maintained, and the residents have made outside modifications that damaged the architecture and facade elements.
  • Historic monument category A; code LMI: CT-II-m-A-02825;
  • It was built in 1897;
  • It is located in the old town of Constanța, on Mircea cel Bătrân Street, no. 30 (at the corner with Vântului Street).

It is one of the residential buildings constructed in Constanța during the last decade of the 19th century in the greek neighborhood of the city. Divided into living apartments with three levels, with a high ground floor, an upper floor and an attic. The architecture is eclectic, with baroque neoclassical decorative elements. The inside of the building maintains unique design elements, very rare for the architecture of the last decade of the 19th century: the mosaic in the communal spaces, the wood and stone stairways with specific hardware, the stone balcony with hardware in tapes where the first owner’s monogram can still be found, whose name had the C.N. initials. The access door, with an embossed border, a semicircular gable and a console sustained frieze are correspondent with the side windows. The attic has a tall roof, made in the French Renaissance style. Very few residential buildings from the 19th century are preserved to this day, and this building from Constanța is a representative one.

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