Statue of Jules Movilă

Good general condition. It’s not deteriorated, it is being used to it’s real value, being one of the most famous tourist spots of Eforie Sud.
  • Built in 1926 by a French sculptor
  • In Movilă Park (central) of Eforie Sud. 

In 1926, through a public effort and at the initiative of Sever Movilă, his son, it built in Techirghiol Movilă (1929-1948: Carmen Sylva, 1948-1962: Vasile Roaltă, since 1962 Eforie Sud) the statue of the resort’s founder, Jules Movilă (1864-1904), buried in the crypt of Saint Ioan Botezătorul Church in Eforie Sud.

On the marble pedestal, decorated with bas-reliefs portraying the relationship of the Movilă family with the resort, is where the statue of Ioan Movilă is placed. Until 1948, it was located on the seafront, next to the Casino.

During the time of the communist regime, it was demolished and stored in the yards of different public institutions in Eforie Sud. In the 90’s it was relocated, this time in the center of the park in front of Movilă Hotel, the first one in the resort (opened in 1902).

Although not a historic monument, the statue of Ioan Movilă is a historic and cultural landmark, being dedicated to the founder of present day Eforie Sud resort, with strong implications in it’s urbanistic and touristic development at the beginning of the 20th century.

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