The Casino of Mamaia

General condition of advanced degradation. In need of urgent rehabilitation.
  • Historic monument category B, code LMI CT-II-a-B-21001
  • Built in the 1934-1935 period; Architect – Victor Stephanescu 
  • In the center of Mamaia Resort, Constanța

The Casino of Mamaia was built by the Constanța City Hall on the spot of the first wooden pavilion which was meant for bathhouses in 1905. The complex was designed in a modernist style, with Mediterranean elements, by architect Victor Stephanescu, the one who built the Carol I Royal Mosque and the building of the National History and Archaeology Museum of Cosntanța.

The complex, inaugurated on Saint Maria day in the year 1935 in the presence of King Carol II, quickly became the symbol of the Summer resort.

In the interwar period, the complex hosted a modern restaurant, beach cabins in the lateral buildings, a casino and a gangway that advanced into the sea, where the only maritime bar in Europa could be found.

The Casino of Mamaia, together with the gangway going into the sea, represented the attraction center for tourism in the resort, together with the two interwar symbols- the Castle of Queen Maria, inaugurated in 1926, and Hotel Rex, inaugurated in the presence of King Carol II, in the year 1936.

In the period when Mamaia was under the occupation of Soviet troops, until 1958, the Casino was used as a club of the Red Army, while the Soviet command center in the resort was in Hotel Ialta, currently Hotel Iaki.

After 1989, the complex was privatized and continuously devastated.

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