The Monument of the First World War Heroes, Cernavodă

Very good general condition, maintained and used to it’s value by the local administration.
  • Built in 1924, sculptor Pietro D’Elia. Deteriorated during the works of the Danube-Black Sea Canal (1949-1953) and rebuilt in 1974 by Antonio D’Elia.
  • City Hall Park, Cernavodă

The Monument of the Heroes of Cernavodă is the monumental work of the Italian sculptor Pietro D’Elia, member of the important italian community of the city, from the beginning of the 20th century.

The monument is the most important artistic achievement, for the public forum, made by an Italian in Dobrogea. It was severely damaged during the works for the Danube-Black Sea Canal, in 1949-1953. The sculptor’s son, himself a plastic artist and Italian from Cernavodă, Antonio D’Elia, rebuilt the monument in 1974.

The work is made out of Dobroge white stone, material specific to the Italian stonemasons in the province, and cement.

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