Victory Monument

Good general condition.
  • Sculptor: Boris Carageal; year: 1968; material: bronze;
  • In the City Hall Park of Constanța, visible from Traian Street.

Boris Caragea (1906-1982) was an important Romanian sculptor, who aligned himself to the iconography of the communist regime. He received numerous commissions from the authorities, especially for canonical subjects such as the statue of Lenin in București (1961, demolished) or the Monument of the Soviet City in Iași (approximately 1960 disappeared in the late 90’s). In Constanța, Caragea is also present with the Disk Thrower Statue, located in front of the Sports Hall of Constanța, on Tomis Boulevard no. 104. Considered the official sculptor of the communist regime, Caragea creates a work in the style of socialist realism proposing a typical concept of the time’s iconography: the fight and victory of communism (identified with the entire nation) against fascism.

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