Youth Statue

Cut and partially deteriorated during the relocation.
  • Historic monument category B; code CT -III – m -B -02949
  • Sculptor: Ada Geo Medrea; year: 1962; material: bronze;
  • Put back in the park of the Oleg Danovski National Opera and Ballet Theater of Constanța, on Tomis Boulevard, being previously located on the Casino Cliff;

Ada Geo (1917-1992) is the pseudonym of woman sculptor Adina Georgescu Medrea, student and wife of sculptor Cornel Medrea. The artist did several works dedicated to the human body, especially to feminine figures. In Mamaia, several works of the artist were unveiled in the 1960’s, as part of the communist regime’s development and systematization program for the seaside. In the 2000’s, numerous sculptures placed in the Mamaia resort in the 1960’s and 1970’s have disappeared with no trace, including the works of Ada Geo Medre (for instance, The Girl on the Slide, 1963).

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