Good News (Op-ed Anaid Tavitian)

Anaid Tavitian, theatreologist

Dobrogea, the land between the Danube and the Sea, is a realm of dreams and stories, witness to cultural traditions over two thousand years old.

Land where 14 ethnicities have intertwined their destinies and are living in peace and tolerance, it is a realm of fairy tales and legends.

The unique spiritual space shelters multimillenary civilization treasures, guarded for six thousand years by the Thinker of Hamangia (statue unique in the world, a replica of it is exhibited in the National History and Archaeology Museum of Constanța) for over two thousand years by the Triumphal Monument of Adamclisi (The Tropaeum Traiani museum complex is one of the largest and most important archaeological-museum complexes in Romania).

I am a daughter of these lands, hopelessly in love with the lands and values of Dobrogea, which is why I was glad to hear the news of the appearance of Heritage Constanța.

I am convinced that it will be a good guide for those who will travel in Dobrogea, to Constanța. This way they will be able to easily discover and visit museums, bearers of national cultural values, historic monuments, patrimonial edifices, places of worship of the different cults. Lovers of interpretative arts will be able to choose theater, opera, ballet or children and youth theater spectacles. 

I wish you…. All sails up! Good luck!